Today is the start of a new series of videos that we’re making to share and promote all of the awesome games from the devs in the Ask Gamedev community. You might remember our yearly community game member showcases. We love making those videos and we especially love pouring through everyone’s games.

Well it’s come to the point for us now, where we have just too many games to showcase! That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to move to a monthly format and dedicate one day a month where we showcase the best, brightest, most intriguing, and most creative games from the community!

► Our October Community Member Game of the Month is StoryArcana! ►

► CORRECTIONS: The dev behind Hive Time is Josh “Cheeseness” Bush (not John as stated in the video). Our apologies to Josh! Make sure to check out Hive Time!

Details: We can’t wait to check out your games! Submissions are open until the end of day on October 14th. Make sure to join the Ask Gamedev Discord server to follow along with the finalists announcement and voting period. Invite Link:

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